• Total token for sale : 100,000,000WLC Token
  • Min contribution : 312WLC Token
  • Pre-sale price : $0.16
  • days
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The First Wildlife Conservation project built on Blockchain Technology.

All You Need is a Dream and ProjectWLC. Our ICO are carefully formulated to generate maximum profits

Wildlife Conservation project (Projectwlc)- Sanctuary for wildlife

ProjectWlc is the world first largest Wildlife conservation Project that ever existed

Providing Safe Haven for all Wildlife

The project will provide Sanctuary to all endangered species, Nurturing, protecting and Breeding them to prevent Extinction.

Wildlife Conservation Project (Projectwlc)- Sanctuary for wildlife

Wildlife Conservation Project is a new project built on blockchain technology created to provide solution to the existing problems of wildlife.
ProjectWlc is the world first largest Wildlife conservation Project that ever existed.
The Conservation center will be constructed in South Africa. Wildlife Conservation has become an increasingly important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. ProjectWlc is out to procure, protect, and preserve endangered species to prevent them from extinction. At the rate at which wildlife is being destroyed in the next decades to come, a lot of them will be facing high level of extinction. Wildlife Conservation Project provides a permanent solution to these problems by providing a safe haven for this animals
Wildlife Conservation Project (projectwlc) is a SANCTUARY FOR ALL WILDLIFE.

What Is Wlc Token ?

WLC token is a utility token generated for projectwlc. It is an erc-20 token. WLC token will be based on fixed number of token sold through the website. The utility token will be sold on Exchanges or used in place of cash to book accommodation, Refreshments and other entertaining activities in the Conservation centre.

ICO means Initial Coin Offering. An ICO is the cryptocurrency equivalent of an IPO- Initial Public Offering. ICO is launched by a company/organization aiming to raise funds to startup/complete a project.
Projectwlc offers an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which gives investors an opportunity to buy from ICO using fait currencies or other crypto and get WLC tokens in return.

Our Mobile APP

As preparation are being made, we have a long term plan to develop a mobile App. This App will be supported both by Os,Ios, and windows. The App will be used by tourist, staff and other visitors for easy Navigation in the Conservation center.

  • Token
  • Our token will be named WLC. It will be an Erc-20 Token. WLC token will be a stable coins as its value will not be determined by the inflation, deflation and volatilities of other cryptocurrency.

    Total Pool : 200,000,000

    NOTE : Sales of Token will start as low as $0.16 per 1wlc. Min contribution will be 312wlc token. The exchange listing price will start from $0.65.

Our Road Map

Dec 2018- Ideas of wildlife conservation was initiated

- Q1

April 2019- Wildlife conservation team was created

- Q1

October 2019- Planning and research

- Q2

June 2020- Location of office, recruitment of advisors and top investors.

- Q3

Dec 2020- Launch of website

- Q4

Jan 2021 -Bounty and airdrop

- Q1

March 2021- Softcap reached

- Q2

April 2021- Pre ico

- Q3

May 2021- Launching of the project

- Q4

July 2021- Main sale/ico

- Q5

August 2021- End of ico/token distribution

- Q6

Oct 2021- Burning of left over Token.

- Q7

Nov 2021 Exchange

- Q8

Dec2021- Holding policy

- Q9

Upgrading of facilities, App development and tourist attraction.

- Q1

Our Team

Due to security reasons and past experience with individuals and personnel who have tried conserving wildlife, the teams of projectwlc have decided to be Anonymous. The threat includes kidnapping, killing, framing of the team and their families by those poaching animals for their own personal gains.

Note : All teams of projectwlc are graduates and expert in the field in which they are hired to work on.

Guide To Success

    • Mainsale 2021 -Investors participate in buying of WLC Tokens

    • Building 2021 - Raised funds will be used for construction and buying of equipment

    • Acquiring of Animals 2022 - Different endangered species of animals will be acquired not less than 12 months after completion of the project.

    • Buyback 2022 - Not less than 6months after project completion, WLC Tokens repurchasing will begin

    • Mobile App 2023 - Mobile app developing will commence on the 1st quarter of the year.

Projectwlc White Paper

This contains a detailed explanation of the project, how the funds gotten will be utilized and the steps in which the Project will follow to success.

View WhitePaper