Wildlife Conservation project (Projectwlc)

Wildlife Conservation Project is a new project built on blockchain technology created to provide solution to the existing problems of wildlife. ProjectWlc is the world first largest Wildlife conservation Project that ever existed. The Conservation center will be constructed in South Africa. Wildlife Conservation has become an increasingly important practice due to the negative effects of human activity on wildlife. ProjectWlc is out to procure, protect, and preserve endangered species to prevent them from extinction. At the rate at which wildlife is being destroyed in the next decades to come, a lot of them will be facing high level of extinction. Wildlife Conservation Project provides a permanent solution to these problems by providing a safe haven for this animals and also preserving them so that the future generation can enjoy and recognize.
Wildlife Conservation Project (projectwlc) is a SANCTUARY FOR ALL WILDLIFE.

Important Of Wildlife

  1. They are indicators to environmental problems and catastrophe.
  2. They bring us some educational benefits and positive economic factors.
  3. They are linked to the acceleration of ecotourism
  4. They bring about psychological improvements.

Major Dangers Facing Wildlife

  1. Destruction of Natural habitats
  2. Climate change
  3. Overexploitation
  4. Poaching
  5. Increase in human population

Solution to dangers of wildlife

The solution to the problems faced by Wildlife is ProjectWLc(Wildlife Conservation Project). The project will provide Sanctuary to all endangered species, Nurturing, protecting, Breeding them to revent Extinction.

We intend on doing this by constructing the largest wildlife conservation ever existed. We plan to carry this out in a unique and outstanding way, giving the animals an opportunity to live in their natural habitat which will be constructed in the Sanctuary.