Frequently asked questions

Projectwlc is a short form for Wildlife conservation project. WLC meaning “wildlife conservation”.
The project is basically aimed at protecting endangered species of animals from going extinct.

Projectwlc, upon completion will be the largest conservation center in the world, containing various natural habitat, park and recreation center, hotels for tourist and also different landmarks.(natural and artificial). It will be a sanctuary for a lot endangered species.
Also projectwlc will be the first conservation center which is built under blockchain technology, having a stable coin.

Yes, it does and the starting price is $0.16 per WLC token.

All investment is a risk; you just need to take a calculated risk that can grant you your desired intentions. Hence, it is advisable to invest using the amount you can afford. Investing in projectwlc has a less risk with a high reward.

After the purchase of our token, we will use the funds to develop the project, as well as working towards getting WLC token listed on crypto Exchanges. Before launching our token on exchanges we will be creating a lot of publicity about the newly constructed conservation centre, its purpose and what individuals and the ecosystem stands to gain, thereby creating demands for the WLC token. Since there is only limited number of WLC tokens available, any new investors wanting to buy our token, can only do so from exchanges if you decide to sell your token. At that time, the price will fluctuate based on market demand. However, please note when we go on exchange, the responsibility of the decision of whether to sell your WLC token depends on you. We believe as long as we keep doing things right at our end, you can receive good return on your investment.

To purchase token first

  • log into our website
  • on the menu, you will see buy token, click on it. (note: if it doesn’t open that means ICO have not started)
  • input the amount you want to purchase, taking note of the minimum amount of WLC token you can purchase.
  • You can use btc/eth to purchase our token.
    Copy the wallet address shown on the website and proceed to make payments.
  • After payment is made and blockchain confirms it, your purchased token will appear on your dashboard.

The minimum amount of WLC token to purchase is 312WLC token.

According to our roadmap, if everything goes as planned, WLC token should be in Exchange by November 2021.

We know, many of you will be choosing carefully to invest your hard earn money in the right place for good return. We take our responsibility seriously. It is why; even though ICO is unregulated in many countries we are making the difference. Already started the communication with Financial Conduct Authority, Cifas, US SEC and so on with regards to our plan. One of the ways we protect your investment is by setting aside at least 25% of your funds in secure assets such as real estate, bonds, gold and silver. The more assets we have the more value the WLC tokens will have. We are constantly working hard to ensure that we can provide maximum protection for your investment. Also, we have insurance too.

They are anonymous because of their own protection and the protection of their loved ones and those close to them. They face major threat from poachers who are making huge funds from illegal hunting and killing of animals. At the end of the project, during launching, the CEO as well as the team will come out publicly to thank the investors for making this dream a reality.

We choose Africa because it has high varieties of Wildlife population; Africa is home to some of the world’s most endangered species.Also, Africa has recorded the highest number of poaching activities in the world and is seriously in
need of a Conservation Project.